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"A massage with Liz is a total experience.  She incorporates aromatherapy, essential oils and sound into each session, and always knows just what is needed.  Her hands are very strong and very knowing -- she can probe into a shoulder muscle and find the place, right there, that's knotting everything up, and under her hands the knots melt away. 
When I go to Liz and say 'my neck has been stiff', or 'my knees are giving me trouble', I know I'll walk out with the problem soothed.  But best of all is when I say 'I'm not sure what's wrong'.  Her clever hands guide her empathic connection unerringly to the trouble spots, and when the temple bell tings, clearing the air at the end of the session, I feel better in places that I didn't know felt bad."

Sarz; physician and artist

"As a professional swordsman, I require the deep tissue repair that only Liz Ellis can offer. Plus, there is chocolate!"

David; actor, fight choreographer/instructor and "Guido Crescendo of Dirk and Guido: the Swordsmen"